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Embedded Payments to grow your SaaS platform's potential

At Worldpay for Platforms, we’re on a mission to redefine what’s possible in Embedded Payments. From transforming referral transactions to pioneering the Payment Facilitator model, we’ve always yearned to deliver more for our customers. We’ve distilled our experience into a suite of solutions designed to not just meet the needs of vertical SaaS platforms, but expand their potential.

Whichever solution you choose you and your customers can expect:

A partner attuned to your unique industry vision


Embedded Payments as tailored as you are


An intuitive, customer-centric experience to sharpen your competitive edge


Transparent and flexible payments to boost your bottom line

Responsibility vs rewards

Each of our three tailor-made solutions can power your software goals. Questions to consider:

  • Are you monetizing payments today?
  • How much control do you want over the customer experience?
  • Do you want to keep operational costs low?
  • Are you open to hiring additional staff?

All these factors will help to determine how hands-on you want to be with your Embedded Payments.


Features at a glance

Revenue potential
Control of customer experience
Pricing and contract execution
Additional staffing
Operational cost
Risk and Compliance
Integrated Payments
0–1 months
2–4 months
Software platform
Software platform
Software platform
9–12 months
Software platform
Software platform
Software platform

Our solutions: Benefits deep dive


Integrated payments:
The simple way to make payments pay

Many software companies want a straightforward path to leverage payments, but the complexities can seem overwhelming. With Integrated Payments, we simplify sales for you and ensure a frictionless experience for your end-users. This entry-level option allows you to generate revenue without operational intricacies.

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Why Worldpay for Platforms?

  • Streamlined Integration: Effortless integration provides a seamless customer payment experience, enhancing satisfaction.
  • Minimal Expertise Needed: Focus on your core offerings while we handle the payments experience users expect.
  • CX and Onboarding Managed: We handle the customer journey so every user enjoys an uninterrupted, delightful experience.
  • Low Operational Costs: With minimal sales training required, reduce costs while revenue soars. Savings and efficiency are passed to your end users.
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We handle the risk, you hone the rewards

Payment facilitation is a tantalizing goal for many high-growth SaaS platforms but solutions are often inflexible, friction-filled and a drain on resources. PayFac-as-a-Service bridges this gap. Get the best of payment facilitation while we handle underwriting and compliance complexities.

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Why Worldpay for Platforms?

  • Tailored to You: Innovative, custom solutions suit your specific needs so your brand shines through every transaction.
  • Stay in Control: Dictate intuitive, branded experiences that delight your customers.
  • Dedication Meets Dividend: Realize significantly more revenue than other similar solutions.
  • Avoid PayFac pitfalls: Embrace rewards with minimal risk compared to establishing your own PayFac.
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Own every step of your payment journey

Becoming a PayFac® developer is designed for sophisticated, resource-rich companies with deep payment expertise who want the lion’s share of the rewards. As a payment pioneer since 2010, our credentials are unmatched. We process for 75% of Mastercard PayFacs and continue to maintain close ties with industry leaders.

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Why Worldpay for Platforms?

  • Genuine White-Label Relationship: We empower you as an independent entity to underwrite sub-merchants.
  • Full Ownership, Unrivalled Customization: You own the entire merchant experience to align with your brand.
  • Sophisticated API Experience: Seamless, highly efficient integration and operations.
  • Risk & Compliance Mastery: As a partner, you manage risk and compliance to the highest standards.
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